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Crystal visits Ontario Guide House

When we were on brake from Sparks I went on a tour of the Ontario Guide House. It was really neat. When I arived I notice the 3 flags hanging, one was a Canadian flag , one was a Canadian Guide flag and the other was a WAGGGS flag. (WAGGGS stands for World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts).

When I went inside there were all these cool pictures of girls just like me. They were doing all kinds of neat things. I even got to go on a tour.

During the tour I saw a whole bunch of offices, most were even decorated with Guide stuff. There was even a room filled with bag and bag of cork. I was told it was for a program called "Bag-a-Cork" its how us Guiders can help save the enviroment by putting corks from bottles into bag and bringing them into a Guide House where they help recycle it; instead of putting in the trash were in just sits there.

I met lots of Guider( that are leaders in units)who work at Guide House, they showed me all diffrent kind of Badges that I could earn with my unit. I even got to take home some special crests that I can sew on my camp blanket.

I had so much fun and learned so many new things. You can vist Guide House anytime just call first @ 416-920-6666 


What's Bag-a-Cork?

Bag-A-Cork was created as a means to help reduce the amount of cork that is discarded into our landfills everyday. Guiding is excited to be on the leading edge of a pro-active community based recycling initiative which encourages cork recycling by consumers and industry users. Launched in Toronto on February 22nd, 2005, it is expected that the program will run province wide within a year.

taken from guidesontario.org